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Gummy Backpack Large

$ 84.95

These Large Adjustable Backpacks Are Amazing. Made out of Earth Friendly Silicone they're soft and supple yet hold up to every day use. Leather bags stain and when they get dirty once, they're dirty forever, cloth bags hold bacteria, but when our Earth Friendly Gummy Bags get dirty just rinse with soapy water and they're completely clean. Whether for Work, School or Play, they fit a full size laptop, school books and anything else you need to carry with you. Our Large Back packs are also fantastic as an Overnight,Gym, Camp, Beach and Diaper Bag.

The Large Backpack also has the following details:

Full Metal Clasp with American Jewel Logo

Metal Caps on the drawstring

Engraved Metal adjustment sliders

Hanging American Jewel Logo attached

Dimensions: Length-Width-Depth

Approximate: 14.5" x 18" x 3.5"

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